“All these old Governors and Government people coming out to speak like they are righteous, are all part of the problem”


Nigerian singer, Mr.Eazi has stated that former governors and other government officials who are now coming out to speak about the unrest in the country are all part of the problem. 


In his tweets, the singer, while warning the youths not to get carried away said the old politicians have been killing the country for years with corruption. 


He wrote: 

Guys pls don’t get it twisted all these old Governors & Government people coming out to speak like them righteous are all part of the problem!! They started this!! They might have not killed us with Gun but they killed us for years with corruption #ENDBADGOVERNANCE


Uncle what did u do when you were governor!! Asides make the future bleak for future generations by putting our money in ur pocket , what did you do when you were minister? You are the root of the cancer that is Bad Governance!! You are the cancer #ENDBADGOVERNANCE


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