Hoodlums cart away COVID-19 palliatives after breaking into a warehouse in Maza-Maza area of Lagos state (videos)


Part one of How we got here The Problem of Nigeria is more than the #ENDSARS agitation, Ensars was just a Metaphor, the injustice in Nigeria is just too unbearable, the corruption has reached a crescendo and those who are worst hit by the failures of Leadership are the Youths,, The youths were abandoned and left alone to go through life on their own, Example, You pay a huge amount to seat for examination, and your hope is that Education will help you become better (which indeed is true) but then you failed, there are not alternatives by the government to give you a better Future, you are left to pressure your Parents and the Payment made to seat for the examination is not used by government to better your lives, Rather, the big men are cashing out and living Large, It was in Nigeria you hear things like a snake staeling Money at Jamb office or Weac office, the government actually robs the Youth and made life miserable. Amalgamation of 1914 has never been revisited, It is a travesty and the country Nigeria will not make any progress until we break away from the Forced marriage with the Herders in the North. This problem in Nigeria is a repeat of what we went through in the 80s when most of these Youths were just being born, we fought the Military to a standstill, some of us were killed , We fought Babangida and the Current Monster, They used the same machine of subjugation The Guns to kill us and it was a delineate things when Hausa insist that History should be expunged from the school curriculum, The Hausa have done the worse to the other region of the country, Shorty after civil war which ended in 1971, there was no reconciliation process to appease the masses , Rather they continue to force us into a Forced Marriage because of the resources in the south, their strategy is to look for an assertive southerner and they will exalt him to the high heaven and get him to control his people from the south while handing him orders in from the North. Because they control the military. How did the North control the Military. The southerner especially theYoruba , Believed that Only the Outcast Joins Military and they were not interested in Joining the Military, they wanted their children to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and so on, naming all the other Professions, The Igbos also are so interested in entrepreneur and trade, so while these two tribes were sleeping, the Northerner started getting their illiterates into the Army, when they came to the South to request for a military base when Nigeria was just evolving, the Southerner did not give Nigeria a Land for Military base, So they Built the military base in the North which had a vast Land The Leaders of the North now agreed that for any intake into the Army, They will provide for themselves 95 Slots leaving the rest of the 5 slots to the Southerner. So you have very few Southerner in the Nigerian Military and many illiterate from the North were employed into the Nigerian military These Illiterate have no regards for Civil rights, they were not trained beyond the Colonial Oppression, and since the Northerner are Feudalistic, the leadership which has mostly been Northerner enjoyed it when the military oppress Your educated Lawyers, and Doctors and engineer in the South. They created the highest rank for themselves in the North and clandestinely removed the Top military officers from the south which included Yoruba and Igbo, While the corrupt slaves in the South (i.e Tinubu) was busy dining with them selfishly amassing wealth for himself, The North were busy entrenching themselves in all the resources in the south, They used the military appointment to appoint Custom Boss, Aviation minister, Works and every Juicy ministerial position were handed to the North, Don t forget that the main resources of what is called Nigeria is in the South , The North became unfair in the game and they used subjugation through the military to force the south into submission. So you have them controlling the Immigration, appointing heads of service to themselves and their cronies, making endless promises of a better Nigeria to the rest of the region and preventing the southerner from coming close to Power They started rotating the Power among themselves and compensating the spotted Obedient slave in the south who become so rich and selfish and forget the future of his region, Using Tinubu as a case study as there are others like Orji Kalu and a host of others, these selfish southerner then turn on their own people to please their Northern slave masters They have used NTA as their major propaganda media before the age of Internet and lulled many of your fathers to sleep and these injustice has continued seemingly endlessly. Your parents were conquered and silenced by the guns, Just so the young people do not know about this injustice, they REMOVED HISTORY from the curriculum, The Hausa used Oby ezekwesili who was them minister of Education to remove all the history of their wickedness against the Nation, expecially so that we do not know that Buhari is a Murderer of that Babangida is a thief I will write the second Part of this spontaneous history. Your Parents know about it.
As young people in the south were abandoned by the corrupt government, which began with Shagari Just after the end of the Civil war Led by Brave Ojukwu who wanted to break away from the evil marriage of the British but resisted by conspiracy The Northerner were scheming on taking over all the structures belonging to the southerner since they control the Military, they interrupted the democratic process through the Gun and were taking National decision based on the dictates of their Emir, The southerner became second citizens even in their own region, The North cannot handles the Protest in Kano or Kaduna, But they gave the south a gift, What was the gift? More Police station, more Barracks with Northern solders, and less position in the government and they keep rotating the Presidency to the North and stealing all the resources from the south to Build a life for themselves and their wards Babangida stole the resources of Nigeria without consequence and the North became a Law and the Jury while giving Southerner Police sometimes mixing them with desperate jobless southerner. Igbo, Benin people, Benue a handful Yoruba, they dont want the south to have one voice, So they clandestinely Isolate the people in the south, that is what account for the Boldness of the Police who have lost conscience because of the weed which a lot of them resort to to be brave A lot of Young men could not take the injustice that has become more rampant in the country, the abuse of Police, so when they find opportunity to get out of the country, they departed the shores of the country. There was a mass Exodus of Young Nigerians who were just too tired of the abuse and have lost hope in any redemption, knowing that Corruption run the entire country, Southerner from among the Yoruba and the Igbos who are mostly educated started leaving Nigeria en mass for the corrupt politicians who are now using Police to protect themselves and have abandon the responsibility of developing the country Since most of the the Northerner does not know what is done abroad , because majority of them do not have the basic education to live abroad, the South now became their own abroad, so they moved enmass in trailer to the south, distributing themselves into peoples farm, having taken over the whole of the government agencies. The Northerner for instance have taken over Apapa Port, you will only find the Owners of the Land as Beggars at the gate, begging to survive, the Northerner have taken over the immigration, Go to the Passport office where ever you can find, In Lagos, either at Ikeja, Ikoyi or Festac, The main Boss is a Northerner who employed Northerner like himself and systematically boot out the southerner, The southerner in such places are just left to collect bribes to survive. If the Passport is 700, They make you pay twice the amount and give proceed to their Northern bosses, Corruption became the order of the day in every institution, Southerner were now living on crumbs and the Northerner who control all the resources declare Billions and you cannot see the effects on the lives of the masses . You all know about the Bad road, the abandoned projects, the lack of facilities like Hospitals and health care. The Politician were just busy looting in every state and the Governor gets a share from the national executive council meetings and they use the money to build mansions and better their own lives while the masses are left unattended. The North apportioned a large of the resources to themselves and the country was going from bad to worse and no one cares while other African countries were busy building the countries, Nigerian Politician were busy stealing until the only examples that the young people could related to was that of theft and a handful of the youths veered into “Yaholism” The story continues

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