Security operatives shoot at hoodlums who stormed Kirikiri prison to free prisoners (videos)


This is basically what happens when there is no planning. We all can agree that living without planning is actually planning to fail, but will not say this protest was set to fail.
Nigeria has a strong hold of evil politicians who controls everything and to make matter worse, they have impoverished the police so that they will do their bidding at any cost.
Same thing done with the youths, they will tell you the youths are d leaders of tomorrow, yet you can’t find any in power. Those they give opportunity to are those who are dull or those who will do their bidding.
With the way our political actors have ruled this country since 1960, a critical analysis will show that only a bloody revolution can bring an instant change, but at a great cost which we all don’t want.
Since that route is a no no, wisdom demand that we appreciate that the change will be gradually, if the youth has focus.
It would have been better if we sat down plan, tell govt that we give them syz number of months to implement, if not we bring caos. That way govt will be fearful and act in my opinion.
But just like the politicians, many of our celebrities knews that something of this nature could happen immediately the government asked school children to stay at home. It would have been wise to give ultimatum and tell well meaning youths to go home even before the curfew.
But now, the outcome is preventable deaths of young stars, and continuous looting to which the citizenry will suffer for.
If they free 5000 criminals today, do you think they would go Rob the politicians, police, army or ordinary citizens already suffering so much.
At least lessons have been learnt. This was done wrongly, but not a total failure.

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