“I know the owners of those shops” Actress Doris Ogala accuses Uche Elendu of lying that her store was looted; warns her to come clean


Actress Doris Ogala has accused her former friend Uche Elendu of lying that her store was looted by hoodlums.


Uche Elendu shared videos and photos on Instagram and looked dejected as she revealed her years of hard work have been reduced in one day by hoodlums.




She later took to Instagram to share another video from the store, showing the extent of the damage done. She revealed every single thing was stolen and the ones they couldn’t carry out were destroyed.


She then thanked people who have been making donations to help her get back on her feet.



However, Doris Ogala took to Instagram to claim the store Uche Elendu has been claiming is her looted store belongs to someone else.


Doris wrote: “Thank your stars say some one i like told me to pull it.. @ucheelendu i give 1 min to edit your post and put the rightful owners of the shop.. or I’ll post it to expose it.


She added: “This is not nice… I know the owners of those shops.. this is pure deceit… people should stop taking advantage of the situation… ah ah… we lost a lot of people.. kindly mention the shop owners.. if not i will repost and expose it.”



Uche Elendu has not yet responded to the allegation.


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