“Mothers work too” – Adamma Ohakim calls out her son’s school teacher over “fathers provide for family, mothers cook, clean” gender role teaching


The daughter of former Imo State Governor, Adamma Ohakim has called on school owners and teachers to change archaic academic curriculums which portray women only as homemakers, who cook, clean and take care of the family.


The Abuja-based entrepreneur stated this while calling out her son’s school teacher on Instagram for teaching children that the role of fathers is to provide for the family while mothers are relegated to cooking and washing.


“I sat in on my son’s online class a few days ago and apparently this is what he is supposed to grow up learning,” the mother of three wrote, adding that she responded to the lesson by telling the teacher that mothers also work.


“Nothing wrong with cooking and washing but can school curriculums adjust these roles to portray mothers as doing more than washing and cleaning? Stop causing problems for families where the women want to do more than cooking and washing because these kids have been taught otherwise.”


She also found it ironic that a teacher who works and earns salary in order to take care of her family is teaching such to children.


“I had a conversation with his teacher the next day. I was seriously wondering how her role as teacher in a school doesnt count as work and if she wasnt supporting her family with her salary. Most of her response ended with “it’s true o” she added. 



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