Moment DJ Cuppy walked in on a man trying to take photos with her Ferrari (video)


Our oil money. Yet my people in the Niger Delta villages where many oil wells are and gas flared, cannot afford ordinary clean pipeborne water. No light. No roads. No employment. No dialogue. No engagement. Marginalised and oppressed people. I hope that someday we Niger Deltans will arise as one to fight the federal and state governments and the oil companies that have impoverished our lands and environment, caused us to loose our fishing areas and farming areas due to pollution and pipeline construction, and take back what belongs to we the Niger delta people…and we can fully control our own resources. Aboki Northerner – Hausa /Fulani own oil wells in Niger Delta. Yoruba men own oil wells in Niger Delta. But the Niger Delta indegene is denied the opportunity to own a well nor ask for direct reasonable compensation for the mining of the resources in their community. They are even denied the opportunity of having modular refineries. The Niger Delta is rated as about the most polluted region on earth, yet, no one takes responsibility. The people are suffering and silenced by an oppressive system. They are disenfranchised. The government uses the military to oppress the people and to silence them. The Niger Delta people currently suffer various health problems and low life expectancy due to environmental pollution caused by oil exploration. The fishermen cannot fish anymore… They are living in abject poverty, while some non-niger delta people fly private jets and ride Ferraris from the proceeds of activities from within the Niger Delta. We shall arise and my people shall be free from oppression… It won’t be long. We speak, we die. We don’t speak, we die. But, it’s better to die for a cause in which you believe than to allow oppression linger on, never speak, and still die, anyway. #EndBadGovernance.

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