You Could Get Paid by Quickteller to be an Influencer on Your Campus: Here the Gist


You Could Get Paid by Quickteller to be an Influencer on Your Campus: Here the Gist

Hey you! Yes, you.


Get your swag together, bring on your best game, and tell your squad to pay attention because you’ve just been invited to join the coolest tribe to ever exist on campus – The QTrybe.



The QTrybe is a lifetime opportunity to be part of a tribe of 50 game-changers from tertiary institutions across the country who will be championing the biggest events and coolest trends on their campuses for Nigeria’s leading digital payment brand – Quickteller.

Be the payment plug on your campus



From access to internship openings to substantial daily income, being part of the QTrybe community opens you up to opportunities not limited to your campus alone, but that go beyond to help you gain life-skills and hands-on working experience to prepare you for the real world. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Consistent Income

  • Data and Airtime Supply

  • Brands, Sales and Marketing training from the industry’s finests

  • Internship Opportunities

  • Hands-on Experience

  • Cool rewards and Branded Items



Wait a minute though, an opportunity as amazing as this can’t be for everyone. The QTrybe is looking for the most creative, articulate and confident campus socialites who aren’t afraid to set new trends within their campus community.


So, to be sure you have what it takes to join the QTrybe, then you must be able to tick the following boxes:


  • Do you have impressive conversational skills?

  • Would you describe yourself as fashion-forward?

  • Are you creative and passionate about developing brilliant ideas?

  • Are you popular and command respect on campus?

  • Do you have a large following on social media?

  • Do you have what it takes to make students turn up for events on campus?


If all these describe you, then you’ve got the right Qtribal marks.



  1. Create aQuickteller account if you don’t have one

  2. Update your personal details on your Quickteller profile

  3. Record a 60-second video of yourself, telling us why you should be selected as the QTrybe Student Ambassador on your campus.

  4. Attach your student ID card and screenshot of your Quickteller Dashboard.

  5. Send your entry here.


For more information, visit the QTrybe website, or our social media

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