HELLO, VAGINA is now available nationwide in paperback!


HELLO, VAGINA is now available nationwide in paperback!

Here is some good news for Nigerian readers; Odega Shawa’s block buster novel ‘Hello, Vagina’ is now available nationwide in paperback. 


You can buy a copy of the book and have it delivered to your doorsteps from anywhere in Nigeria.


Totnaija has described Hello, Vagina as ‘tear-jerking’.


According to Okadabooks it is a ‘shock-fest with a crucial message.’


HELLO, VAGINA is now available nationwide in paperback!


ThisDay has this to say about the novel: ‘Through the story, the author beams the light on the roles played by the religious leaders, judiciary, police and others who should hold the perpetrators of such crimes accountable. The ‘bromance’ between Fred, the judge and Teejay has been instrumental to his escape from the long arm of the law for many years. The closing poetry by the protagonist, titled “Hello Vagina” questions the rationale behind rape, sexual harassments and the porn culture that have made women to be seen and treated as mere sex objects at work, at school, in their places of worship and almost anywhere outside their mother’s wombs.’


Business Day writes of Hello, Vagina: ‘Sometimes, you come upon a book that is written with one express intention: to shock. That is precisely what Odega shawa has hit us with in Hello, Vagina. From the title to the acknowledgements, to the way the story weaves and races its way from the nooks and crannies of Ajegunle to the cellblocks of Ikoyi prison, and from the battlefields and dreamscapes of her phantasy world to the tortured mind of a psychopath killer with (almost) enough money to make his crimes, or the evidence there of, vanish permanently, this story is crafted to shock and inform you at every turn.’


Africa’s leading blogger and billionaire philanthropist Linda ikeji describes it as a ‘brilliant and heartbreaking story’.


HELLO, VAGINA is now available nationwide in paperback!


Na only you go remain? 

What are you still waiting for? All you have to do is go to the Book Peddlers website and order the paperback book to be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.


Click here for the paperback book.


if you want the ebook please click here.


Whatever you do please join the effort around you to make sure rapists have no hiding place among us. They are savages!

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