CIG Motors, (authorized distributor of GAC Motor in Africa), is unveiling a new era of mobility at the live premiere of the GA4 and GS3 brands in a few days!!

Tune in live, on Thursday, November 19th by 2pm, for the virtual unveiling.

Lots of A-List Celebrities, Business leaders and much more? Who would be the best dressed? It’s up to you to decide!

And while you’re at it, ONE  lucky guest will walk away with a brand new GAC car! 

Could it be you? That depends on you! 

Here’s how YOU can win– Answer 50 Questions correctly to stand a chance in these few short steps! 

  1. Follow & Subscribe to GAC Pages (IG, Facebook and Youtube)

  2. To qualify, register on the GAC launch page at

  3. Answer 30 Grade ii Questions On Social Media from  on The 13TH, using the hashtag 

  4. Answer 10 Grade iii Questions Live at the Event on The 19TH Win every 15 mins.

  5. You must stay till the end of the live event to be eligible!

  6. All questions must be answered using the hashtag #gacmotornglaunch

Visit our  pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube starting Friday 13th, November 2020.

Lots of other exciting gifts are up for grabs: One every 15 minutes! 


We asked a representative of the brand to describe this new range with three words, and his response: “Unlike Any Other.”


GAC Motor remains committed to developing wholesome interests in Nigeria’s socio-economic sectors aimed at the youth. Over the last six years, the automobile giant has been at the forefront of championing the course for the Sports and creative industries in Nigeria – providing opportunities and supporting the dreams of young Nigerians.


The GS3 and GA4 cars are a sweet spot for Nigeria’s young and upwardly mobile, offering them convenient, latest technology features, warranty coverage and peace of mind- And, What’s more? 


If you’re still wondering what makes a car, unlike any other, join the digital launch on November 19th 2020. See you there!


Be part of this auspicious event.


Follow the following social media platforms;

Facebook: @gacmotornigeria 

Youtube: GAC Motor NG

Instagram: gacmotor_nigeria



SAVE THE DATE: 19/11/2020 at 2pm.


 Participation is free, but you might leave with a gift or two, or a brand new car!

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