“Do not split bill with a man” popular lesbian, Amara advices women and gives her reason


LGBTQ activist, Amara, has advised women to avoid splitting bills with men in the name of gender equality.


She explained that men make more money because they have more power in society, therefore they should keep paying the bulk of the bills until there’s a balance in earning power.


She wrote: “Do not split bill with a man. Not yet. Men are still the more empowered specie. splitting bills now will only make men richer and more empowered. and also, life is bigger than men or women. so men should pay everytime. cause statistics say men have more power and money.”


She added: “Dear men, if you want to split bills with women. then join the chat. women want to pay. we like power too. we want it. this is why we should all be feminists. this is why we should all want equality for all humans. power for all humans. money and job opportunities for everyone!”



She wrote in another post: “I’m listening to @Blaise_21 talk about men and I’m just here thinking ‘thank jah sey I no dey fuck this specie’ men are honestly one of the worst things that has happened and happens to other species.”

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