Nigerian man recounts how he was almost kidnapped in Abuja


A Nigerian man took to Twitter to narrate how he was almost kidnapped in Abuja. 

According to @luthorr_, the incident occurred at Nema junction, right before the Ministry of Finance in Abuja on November 20. He revealed that one of the men who accosted him, held a cutlass and tried swinging it at him but missed.

The Twitter user said the suspected kidnappers took his bag containing his laptop, notepads and chargers.

I was almost kidnapped 20mins ago. At the Nema junction, right before Min. of Finance in Abuja.

So i got down from a cab i took from Wuse 2 to Finance Junction. Walked away from the cab closer to the junction to board a Lugbe cab. Out of nowhere, these two built grown ass men jumped me!

One had a cutlass and the other tried to grab a hold of me! I struggled with him, then i fell down. The one with the cutlass took 2 swings at me, and missed, miraculously. I kid you not, both swings were so close to my head, i was right there on the floor and as the cutlass hit the floor, sparks!

I scrambled up but they snatched my bag containing my laptop, notepads, chargers. Just lucky my cell and my wallet were in my pocket. I can’t feel my legs!

My sister and brother-in-law just picked me up. Going home now…

It’s my first week using commercial transportation in Abuja. And I really regret it.  Bruises on both my arms, legs, my back and my legs won’t stop shaking! I almost lost my life tonight! I can’t explain what I’m feeling rn!

I will never forget tonight. Never! I’m home now and Safe. Thank God!

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