BBC News Igbo slams man who insulted Amara Kanu


Have an open mind before you read. Kanu is our national treasure; no doubt. If football were to be used in politics, he’d be our President coz his value to the nation transcends tribe or religion. When you see him, you don’t see an Igbo man. He belongs to those rare group of Nigerians who are truly Pan Nigerians and completely detribalised. JJ Okocha, late Rashid Yekini, Okala, Chairman Christian Chukwu, Segun Odegbami etc belong in that select group. Kanu is 44, got married in 2004 to an 18 year old girl and is older than his wife by 13 years! He was diagnosed for congenital heart disease which could have ended his life in 1996 if he were playing football in Nigeria. He’d have collapsed on our dusty field while playing for either Enugu Rangers or He’s literally a very lucky man and has every reason to be thankful for staying alive with a loving wife and three beautiful kids. Coz of his heart problem which was successfully treated in 1996 and 2014, he’s been advised to take life on the slow lane including the business of fucking otherwise, he could die. Nothing stressful is the key phrase. Well, that’s bad news for a mother of three kids at 31 years of age who’s good looking, done with childbirth and has millions of cash to spend. She needs strong dick to keep her vagina keen and satisfy her high sex drive that’s naturally common with women of her age. Kanu can’t satisfy her sexually. Odemwingie is a good looking, mixed race jackass as opposed to a rural kid from Owerri. When Kanu speaks, you’d understand why money is more powerful than good looks. There’s no doubt in my mind that Amarachi wanted Odemwingie’s dick with the express blessings of her husband but the guy has the brain of a toddler and the intelligence of a mouse. I know this coz of her reply to Peter. There’s no strong indignation and outrage. She also refused to share her dm. Wise men would simply keep quiet and not say a word or chop Amarachi on a regular basis and clean mouth. Unfortunately, Peter Odemwingie is the wrong guy t

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