“If you’re a younger woman don’t feel pressured to stay with a younger guy who is not ready” Man advices after learning from life


A man who said he used to be “salty” when young women leave men in their age bracket to marry older men who are ready to settle down, has said he now understands.


Oloye, a writer and PR person, advised young women not to feel pressured into waiting for younger men who are not ready.


He tweeted: “Most men when they were younger have lost at least one babe to a guy in his 30s because “he’s ready.” We were salty then but we get it now. 


“If you’re a younger woman, don’t feel pressured to stay with a guy who you feel is not ready if you’re ready and you find someone ready.”


He added: “He’ll get salty over it, but as he grows up, he’ll understand. 


“Close the deal when the offer is highest. 


“It’s life.”


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