An easy way to Ship from the US to Nigeria


An easy way to Ship from the US to Nigeria

Do you need to buy products from stores in the U.S but are worried about costly delivery fees, shipping restrictions or long delivery timelines to Nigeria?


The Overseas shipping feature on the GIGGo App by GIG Logistics is your solution!


Overseas shipping allows you to ship orders straight from US stores, without any trouble, restrictions or delay. All you have to do is shop from your preferred US store, using the global address provided on the App during check-out and ship directly to your doorstep in Nigeria. At $3.29/lb. The cost is quite competitive, with a delivery timeline of 7 – 14 business days. Check here for more information on how it works.


GIG Logistics is an indigenous company that supports e-commerce /social commerce businesses by providing innovative delivery solutions to domestic and international destinations. The GIGGo app is an on-demand application built to provide fast, convenient and reliable pick-up & delivery services at affordable rates.


Buying items during this festive period just got easier!

Download the GIGGo app today.


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