How to be financially fit at 60 and beyond


How to be financially fit at 60 and beyond

In the world of health and fitness, the key things always revolve around eating healthy, exercising daily, going for regular checkups, sleeping well, etc. These are sure shots for longer life, a healthy body, and more often, a stable mind. However, it doesn’t end there. Because fitness is only relative to the level you find yourself as you age.

So, you need to understand that the older you get, the more you would need a different kind of fitness you are probably not thinking about right now; financial fitness. How can you be financially fit in the future?

Now, if you close your eyes and think of “yourself and the future”, what image of you can you see? Look at the surroundings, where are you? What are you doing? What do you look like? You are probably seeing yourself as a happy figure or cruising on some exotic place, maybe flourishing in business or whichever way you want your future to be like. That is what being financially fit is mostly about.

But first, you have to start a pensions plan. Then, look at your current age, how many more years do you have before age 60? Create a list of relevant questions and follow it up with a routine.

· Are you working or self-employed?

· How do you spend your time and money? What do you spend on?

· Do you only save, invest, both or none?

· What do you invest in?

· Who do you move with and what relationships do you have with them?

· Is what you are doing now in line with what you visualize about your future self?

· Do you even have a retirement plan?


These can seem a tad overwhelming, but they are necessary if you desire future financial fitness. You just have to start planning first to bring your future dreams to life. Better still, get a trusted and competent pensions manager to help guide you through these steps and come up with the best plan and achieve what you want.

Investment One Pensions has pension packages with innovative payment structure both for the working class and self-employed. Start now and watch yourself going healthier and fitter well after your retirement, because there is life after 60. So, use your time before 60 wisely.

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