German influencer ‘marries a doll and has baby with it’ then says she doesn’t want her baby to ‘grow up in the camera lens’


German influencer

An actress from Germany who wanted company during the lockdown says that she has married a doll and they have a doll baby together.


Chethrin Schulze, 28, flaunted her “new husband” on social media this week.


She claims she got the doll, known as Cedric, to keep her company during lockdown when she was bored.


She also shared a clip of a “baby” called Hanneore and added that the plastic baby would not be featured often on her accounts to protect the child’s privacy.


German influencer


The actress added: “I don’t want my child to grow up in the camera lens.”


The actress, who appeared on the German version of Love Island, talked about getting her “pre-baby body” back and showed off the doll.


At one point she told the fake baby that she would have to give up any dreams of becoming a doctor or teacher as the doll will need to take over her mum’s social media accounts when she’s older.


Chethrin added: “You better accept it now.”


German influencer


Some have said the actress is joking and she’s simply mocking influencers and celebrities who share every minute of their children’s lives.


Just weeks ago, Kazakhstani bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko married his sex doll Margo.


German influencer

German influencer

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