Get Your Christmas Groove On with One Free Unit of the Oraimo 2baba Edition Freepods2


Get Your Christmas Groove On with One Free Unit of the?Oraimo?2baba Edition Freepods2

The Oraimo 2Baba Freepods 2 is a specially TWS True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with a dynamic driver that produces sound with flawless accuracy and treble that sparkles full of detail. The Earbuds are ergonomically designed with a handy and compact charging case that allows you to extend 3.5 hours of music playtime to 24.5, so you can enjoy all-day use. A force sensor on both earbuds allows you to effortlessly answer calls and adjust music with a simple touch. The new Oraimo2Baba Freepods 2 is definitely a must-have

Christmas is round the corner; more like already in our faces, and the sound of that is just more soothing than ever. Finally, workers who have had to fry eggs, on one hand, attend to the needs of friends and families around them, and respond to urgent e-mails from work all at the same time as a result of the new work from the home situation can finally focus solely on spending quality time with their loved ones. 

On the other hand, folks who have also had to go to work intermittently through the year will finally get the home rest that they deserve. Quite frankly, everyone in their different positions – married or single, employed or unemployed, Old or young– deserve to blow off some steam this season because it’s been a tough year altogether. 

Thankfully, Christmas never fails to create that restful and delightful ambiance. There’s the soothing decoration, thoughtful gifts from family and friends, and of course, food and drinks all over the place. But, if there’s one thing that really sets the tone for the festive period, it’s definitely music. 

Oraimo understands the value of music during this season and through the #OraimoGreenChristmascampaign, they are joining the rank of brands all over the world who are offering to create a sound experience for fans this season.

Knowing fully well how important music is for everyone during Christmas, they’ve decided to give out 30 units of the latest Oraimo 2baba Freepods2 to 30 lucky fans in a bid to amplify their music experience through the period. 

In other to be one of the 30 lucky fans, simply fill in this form here:

Get Your Christmas Groove On with One Free Unit of the?Oraimo?2baba Edition Freepods2


After all entries have been received, 30 lucky winners will be randomly selected and gifted with the Freepods2. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you will have to; 

1. Create an interesting unboxing video with the Freepods. ?

2. Post the video on your social media page and share your comments about the product as well.?

3. Use the hashtag #oraimoFreePods2FunUnboxing hashtag when you post.?

4. Follow and tag Oraimo’s official accounts: FB: @OraimoNigeria IG: @Oraimoclub TW: @oraimomate, YouTube: @Oraimo accessories, and TikTok/Vskit: @oraimoNigeria. 

Other participants will not be going empty handed. They also will get to experience the ear buds. Outside the initial 30, other lucky participants will receive a 10% off shopping coupon allowing them to purchase the Freepods at a 10% discount. 

Application ends on the 24th of December. With little or no time to spare, there’s no reason for you to stall. Click on the link now, fill the form, and you might just be one of the lucky winners. 

Oraimo has always proven to care about their customers. They do that repeatedly by producing highly durable and innovative smart accessories and making them available at affordable prizes. Now, they’re showing their customers that they want to be a part of their every experience and will be glad to add colour and vibrancy to it at every chance they get.  

For more information on the #OraimoGreenChristmascampaign and other ongoing activities, follow Oraimoon FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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