There are so many people who should be in prison if Buhari’s government had not run out of steam, the system is being manipulated


There are so many people who should be in prison if Buhari

Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has commented on the anti-corruption war which the Buhari-led administration came onboard with while first seeking for election in 2015. 


Speaking on an AIT programme on Wednesday January 27, Soyinka alleged that the Buhari-led administration has ran out of steam because there are so many who should be in jail. 


The playwright also alleged that the system is being manipulated so as not to flout a certain regulation.


He said; 


“There are so many people who should be in prison if this government had not run out of steam, and so the system is being manipulated. 

“There are cases where the prosecution had reached the level where evidence had been given on governors who had been stealing and depositing in bits and pieces so as not to flout a certain regulation.

“I mean cases have been taken to that level and suddenly, silence. The EFCC, which I back solidly ever since the days of Nuhu Ribadu, in all kinds of ways, we no longer know the distinguishing from rights and left.”

One thought on “There are so many people who should be in prison if Buhari’s government had not run out of steam, the system is being manipulated

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