Mercy Johnson kneels with Toyin Abraham to greet her husband (video)


This is how to treat a man… it REMOVES NOTHING fron YOU as a woman!… this is how it OUGHT to be… HUMILITY PAYS! in marriage!… SUBMISSIVENESS PAYS in marriage!… as a woman, you have NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to gain in being ARROGANT or DISRESPECTFUL to your HUSBAND!!… ANY FEMINISM concept that includes LACK OF SUBMISSION, DISRESPECT, ARROGANCE, and EQUALITY to the man as a HUSBAND is a STUPID FEMINISM concept!… no matter what, you have everything to GAIN as a woman in showing RESPECT and being SUBMISSIVE to your HUSBAND!!… the OMNIPOTENT GOD know why HE gave that to WIVES as an INSTRUCTION!!… a lot of WOMEN/WIVES will NEVER know the TRUE FINANCIAL POWER of their HUSBANDS due to lack of respect and submission from the wives!!!… MANY women DON’T know that their husbands are FAR RICHER than they show!… once a man senses insubordination, disrespect, lack of submission, arrogance, feminism equality concept etc from the wife then the man will ELUDE the wife of his TRUE financial strength!… including LIQUID MONEY, INVESTMENTS, and PROPERTIES!!!… it is not out of place for a few women to be rich BUT the GRACE of making MONEY is given to MEN by GOD!… the only CONDITION to that GRACE is that the man MUST work or “till the soil” for it!!… the RICHEST person in an LGA, State, Country, World has NEVER been and can NEVER be a WOMAN!!… it would ONLY happen when MEN start getting PREGNANT!!!…

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