“We are 5 not 4” Sandra Iheuwa hints at Ubi Franklin having another baby mama as she and his alleged girlfriend, Renee, continue to call each other names


Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa, and his alleged current girlfriend,  Adesuwa Renee are still dragging each other, and this time, they are making some serious allegations. 


Adesua wrote on Instagram that Sandra is a “dirty woman”. She added that Sandra wasn’t even married to Ubi, yet won’t stop fighting over him.


“She just need respect herself and stop dragging man that have so many baby mamas about on social media. She was not even married to him, So why all these stupidity? Them nor even claim her anytime. “


Sandra shared a screenshot of Renee’s post and accused Renee of undergoing multiple abortions for different men.


Sandra went on to claim Renee is not a car dealer as she portrays but a “mere agent that helps ship cars for yahoo boys.”



Sandra then went on to drop hints that Ubi has not 4, but 5 baby mamas.


She wrote: “We are not 4, we are 5. Should I go deeper?”


She added: “Lies are being told when I have been minding my business… Maybe when I break everywhere they will finally leave me alone.”



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