“The evil going on in Nigeria is too much’


Interior designer, Mabel Makun took to Instagram to accuse the DSS of ignoring a petition from her family regarding “life threatening issues”.


The mum-of-one,  who is married to comedian Ayo Makun, said for the last 6 months, the DSS has refused to attend to the petition, so despite hating to take private issues to the public, she’s going on Instagram to talk about it.



She said the action of the DSS left her depressed for months.


“So for months, I experienced the full meaning of depression,” she wrote, adding,  “Till date, there are days that I still hide and cry my eyes out. Only those very close to me can tell exactly what I went through trying to gain my sanity back. “



As for the issues she reported to DSS, her subsequent posts appears to point at the issue of baby factories.


She asked why there are persons “busy giving out new born babies to families” and no one is doing anything about it or asking where the babies are coming from.


Read her posts below.



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