SWIFT Networks Introduces SWIFTAPP


SWIFT Networks Introduces SWIFTAPP

SWIFT Networks Ltd, a leading residential and business broadband service provider recently launched SWIFTAPP, a user friendly mobile app that makes it easier for customers to manage their SWIFT services quickly, anytime and anywhere – right from the convenience of their mobile phone.


With SWIFTAPP you can accomplish all these tasks:


(1) Renew your subscriptions using simple and convenient payment options like Bank transfers, USSD payments, Debit card payments, etc.you


(2) Buy extra data and achieve a quick top up to retain your active connection


(3) Top up your wallet to pay for various subscriptions


(4) View your data balance, your account balance and account expiry date.


(5) Upgrade or downgrade your service plan


(6) Monitor your data usage AND view your usage report.


(7) Submit your NIN for linkage to your account


(8) View your payment history


(9) Receive latest updates about SWIFT products, services AND promotional offers


(10) Contact customer care AND rate the quality of our Services.


You can easily download SWIFT APP from either the Google Play app store for Android phones or the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad users. Click on this link: https://bit.ly/3guBhTq

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