“A gay from Nigeria… now about to be a father” Bisi Alimi shares his interesting journey to fatherhood


Bisi Alimi took to his social media accounts to reveal that he’s about to adopt a child with his husband and he opened up about the process.


Bisi, who married Anthony Davis in 2016, revealed the thought that went into finally deciding to adopt a child.


He disclosed the conversation he had with his husband, the concerns he has about his child or children being accepted by his Nigerian family who are not so tolerant of his sexuality,  and also the conversation he had with his husband’s mother.


Speaking about his husband’s mother, he explained that when they told her they were in the process of adopting a child, the woman who has two other children who do not want kids, said: ” Who would have thought that it is the gay that will give me grandchildren.”


Bisi said he is meeting his case worker this week for home inspection after he and his husband moved to a larger home in preparation for their larger family.


He added that he and his husband can’t wait to meet their “kids”.


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