Taraba boy ‘rescued’ from man taking him to another state


Taraba boy

A young boy identified as Teryila Aondongu from Taraba state has been rescued from a man taking him to to the eastern part of the country. 


According to Facebook user, Sam Iornem, who disclosed this on Tuesday, June 8, they caught the man with the boy in Vandeikya in Benue state. 


Upon interrogation, the man claimed that the boy was handed to him by his aunt to train. However, the child kept crying and saying he wanted to go back to his father. 


“Someone should help forward this information to the family of this child. His name is TERYILA AONDONGU from chanchanyi, takum, taraba state. We caught an igbo Man along with the child at branch atser, vandeikya, benue state  heading to igbo land,”


“According to the man he said, the aunt of boy gave him to him to go and train in his land. The boy here is crying for his return to his daddy. Our investigation shows that, the boy did not know the man who claims to know him and his family very well. He is still with us waiting to see his family”


Taraba boy Taraba boy Taraba boy

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